Lunchtime talk with President Francis Delaporte

  16/11/2023   |      News

On 16 November 2023, Francis Delaporte, President of the Administrative Court and Vice-President of the Constitutional Court of Luxembourg, gave the latest in the EFTA Court’s series of lunchtime talks entitled “The Reform of the Luxembourg Constitution and the Judiciary”. 


In his tour de force on the Luxembourg Constitution and the judiciary, President Delaporte put the 2023 Constitution into its historic context. He discussed the independence of the judiciary under the Constitution, the participation of the Grand-Duchy in European integration, and the role of the Constitutional Court including access to the court since its foundation in 1995. His talk was followed by an illuminating discussion covering topics such as the meta-principle of the rule of law, aspects of the Constitutional Court’s case-law and the role of the national languages of Luxembourg.