Lunchtime talk with Ms Thérèse Blanchet

  8/10/2019   |      News

On 8 October 2019, Ms Thérèse Blanchet, Director-General of the Legal Service, Legal Counsel of the Council and of the European Council, gave a lunchtime talk entitled “Could using the EFTA pillar help the Schengen Associates deepen their cooperation with the EU in JHA matters?”


In her talk, Ms Blanchet presented to the audience her unique insight into the two-pillar structure which characterises the EEA Agreement and the relationship between them. Further, Ms Blanchet discussed whether the EFTA pillar could prove useful in terms of helping the EEA/EFTA States and Switzerland, as members of the Schengen Agreement to deepen their cooperation in matters relating to justice and home affairs policy, such as the Dublin Regulation. Afterwards, the audience participated in a discussion with Ms Blanchet.