e-EFTACourt – fully operational for pending cases as from 10 March 2017


Dear Sir/Madam,


The Registry of the EFTA Court is pleased to announce that as from 10 March 2017, our electronic case handling system, the e-EFTACourt, is fully operational. This is similar to e-Curia, used by the EU courts, and it enables secure exchange of case documents from the EFTA Court to external users, and vice versa, with the aim of reducing the use of paper.


The prerequisites for access to e-EFTACourt are an Internet connection and a valid e-mail address. To use e-EFTACourt you must have a user account provided by the EFTA Court. This account will enable you to:


  • lodge and receive procedural documents electronically;
  • consult the history of actions performed;
  • organise personal details (e-mail address, password, …);
  • register one or more assistants.


The e-EFTACourt is accessible via the Internet at:


On 9 March 2017 the Decision of the Court on the lodging and service of procedural documents by means of e-EFTACourt was published in the Official Journal (2017/C 73/09 and the corrected German version 2017/C 154/09). This means that those who have registered and those who will register are able as from 10 March to use e-EFTACourt for pending cases, since the Court from now accepts documents electronically as the original, cfr. RoP Article 32.5 i.f.


To give you an overview of the e-EFTACourt, please refer to the


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the EFTA Court registry.