Matja Kumba T. M'bye and others v Stiftelsen Fossumkollektivet

About this case:

Directive 2003/88/EC – Working time – Protection of the safety and health of workers – Organisation of working time – Rest periods – Maximum weekly working time – Derogations from minimum rest periods – Workers’ consent – Detriment

Request for an Advisory Opinion from the EFTA Court by Eidsivating lagmannsrett (Eidsivating Appeal Court), received on 13 February 2015 in the case Matja Kumba T. M’bye and others v Stiftelsen Fossumkollektivet. 


Request received from Eidsivating lagmannsrett


Deadline for written observations from Governments and relevant institutions (cf. Article 20 of the Statue): Monday, 4 May 2015


Written observations received from the European Commission


Written observations received from Stiftelsen Fossumkollektivet


Written observations received from Matja Kumba T. M’bye and others


Service of the written observations

The Oral Hearing in Case E-5/15 was held on Tuesday, 29 September 2015 at 10:00. The hearing took place at the Court.