The EFTA Court fulfils the judicial function within the EFTA system, interpreting the Agreement on the European Economic Area with regard to the EFTA States party to the Agreement. At present those EFTA States are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway ...

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Judge Hammermann speaks at the University of Innsbruck


On 4 and 5 April 2019, Judge Bernd Hammermann spoke at the University of Innsbruck at a conference entitled “25 Jahre Europäischer Wirtschaftsraum – Ein Integrationsszenarium auf dem Prüfstand,” marking the EEA Agreement’s 25th anniversary. Judge Hammermann provided a view from the EFTA Court on the panel on “Gerichte und Kontrolle”. The other speakers on this panel were Bente Angel-Hansen, President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Bußjäger, Judge of the Liechtenstein Constitutional Court and Professor at the University of Innsbruck. There were many other prominent speakers at the conference from both pillars of the EEA, as well as from Switzerland. These included, Ambassador Sabine Monauni, Liechtenstein Mission to the European Union, EFTA Secretary-General Henri Gétaz, Ambassador Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Tichy, Head of the Department for International Law of the Austrian Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, and Dr. Andrea Entner-Koch, Director of the Liechtenstein EEA Coordination Unit. Judge Hammermann also attended a reception hosted by the Principality of Liechtenstein, where Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hubertus Schumacher, President of the Liechtenstein Supreme Court, announced the establishment of a department for Liechtenstein law at the University of Innsbruck. During the conference, many of the EEA Agreement’s achievements were discussed. The insightful discussions provided an excellent overview of the current issues faced both in the EEA, and in Europe at large.

The Legal Day in Iceland


A delegation from the EFTA Court attended the Legal Day in Harpan Reykjavík on 29 March 2019, which is an annual conference organised by all the lawyers´ associations in Iceland and covers a great variety of topics. The President of the EFTA Court, Páll Hreinsson, held a talk on freedom of speech, freedom of the press and access to data. Sindri M. Stephensen, legal secretary at the EFTA Court, held a talk on the developments of Artificial Intelligence and Copyright Law with a focus on EEA Law. Both talks were followed by engaging discussion.

Lunchtime talk with Dr. Andrea Jelinek


On 26 March 2019, Dr. Andrea Jelinek, Director of the Austrian Data Protection Authority, gave a lunchtime talk entitled “The General Data Protection Regulation – a new mode of cooperation among European Data Protection Authorities”. In her talk, Dr. Jelinek gave an inside perspective on the current and ever evolving field of data protection. Her talk was followed by an engaging discussion.

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